Monday, March 20, 2006

Blogging Issues

I haven't been around here in a while, and it doesn't seem likely I'll have much chance to blog here more than once or twice a month, as my work schedule has increased dramatically, since my parents are coming this summer and my son is going back to hideously expensive private school next semester (*gasp of pain*). I am also trying to finish two books this semester.

Lately I've been nurturing my Taiwan blog, which is now getting 350-450 visitors a day and requires some investment of time almost every day. That blog is my personal blog, where I post plenty of photos of my life, from panoramas to bugs, trips around Taiwan (most recently a doozy to Hoping Island in Keelung Harbor), and loads of snarky political commentary on Taiwan's complex international situation, history and the foreign media's inability to get either right, as well as links to doings around our crazed island, resources for understanding Taiwan, and suchlike. The Sword, alas, has a more restricted range of postings.

I'm sorry that I've been so neglectful of this blog, for I love The Sword very much, and I have a laundry list of stuff I'd like to lay out here. But never fear! I'm still around. Look forward in the next few months to more on where the writer of Mark had Jesus killed, on the claim that the gospels are "embellished history" as a version of Popper's conventionalist twist, and other stuff to raise your eyebrows and blood pressures! I'd also like to thank everyone who has spent a minute here, made a comment, or dropped me an email. You guys make it all worthwhile.



Loren Rosson III said...

Well, don't let the Sword get too dull. Plenty of ideas will always be in need of cutting and slashing.

Jen said...

Hi Michael,

I admire your energy of keeping so many blogs at the same time. Nurturing a blog is not easy, let alone four! So don't be too hard on yourself.