Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Bryan Cox Assimilated!

Another brave soul has been captured by the Blogsphere! Bryan Cox, sometime sparring partner in the Bible Criticism Forum at Infidels, has fallen to the Blogsphere after a vicious struggle to remain unaddicted. His new Blog, Biblaridion, is available deep in the heart of the Blogsphere. Here's Bryan after the assimlation took place.

Byran after throwing his ring into the...er...his hat into the ring.

For those of you with long databases but short memories, Bryan rose to international prominence briefly after becoming the object of Rochelle Altman's ire during the James Ossuary debacle. Which, at least at BAR, appears to be still ongoing.

Anyway, Bryan forgot to enable "comments" on his blog settings, so I was unable to leave my usual quota of snide comments and absurd claims on his new blog, and must give vent to my frustrations here.

Welcome aboard, Bryan!

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