Sunday, July 10, 2005

There's a great yearning for knowledge out there

I post on a number of Christian forums as a resident atheist, and I get letters like this one from time to time:

Since you landed at ___ you've been instrumnental in pointing me in an altogether unexpected direction - while I'm emphatically not atheist or even agnostic - my life has been filled to overflowing with 'evidences' of God in it to even consider that He does not exist - my understandings of the New Testament etc has radically changed - thanks for that.

My experience of interacting with ordinary Christians and non-Christians is that their knowledge of the Bible is practically non-existent. There's really a great yearning, and a great gap, that NT scholars need to better fill. Not only does this fill a great need, but it has been my experience that people with robust knowledge of the Bible rarely opt for the more extremist forms of Christian religious belief.

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